Heritage No. 1

Heritage No. 1 is a chloride free alkaline poultice, suitable for stripping old lead paints, latex, alkyds or enamel paints and can be applied to many surfaces including brick, sandstone, metal and timber. Heritage No. 1 is ideal for historical stone buildings as no other system will avoid marking the underlying surface where restoration to the original condition is required.

Primary Uses

  • Removal of lead paints, latex, alkyds and enamel paints
  • Historical stone buildings, delicate surfaces and everyday use
  • General paint and graffiti removal


  • Completely natural and environmentally friendly
  • Non flammable, non toxic, hazard free and chloride free
  • No petroleum derivatives and low to no odour
  • Extremely simple application and cleanup
  • Removes multiple layers with one application
  • Does not damage underlying surfaces

Additional Notes

While Heritage No. 1 itself is environmentally friendly, note that lead paint scrapings are toxic and need to be disposed of in a proper manner as per local council regulations.

Heritage No. 1 can irritate skin, and we recommend standard protective clothing for optimal safety.

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Poultice paint stripper, best suited for historical stone buildings.
Lead paint remover; excellent on old paints.
All natural and chloride free (no petroleum derivatives).


Poultice application. Heritage No. 1 should be trowled on or sprayed on with hopper gun over the desired area to approximately 3mm thickness and left on for 30 minutes to an hour. Test with scraper to determine if paint is sufficiently softened. Stripping time depends on number of paint layers, age and type. The product may be left on for 24 hours or even longer.

Keep poultice moist. In dry conditions cover with plastic sheeting. We recommend patch-testing before use.