670AF Marine

670AF is a powerful, soy based marine paint remover, for removal of anti-fouling paints, urethanes, and enamels from boat hulls. 670AF removes multiple coatings at a time and has been designed for ease of application and removal, and will not damage gelcoat.

Primary Uses

  • Marine paint stripper
  • Removes anti-fouling paints, urethanes, enamels and epoxies


  • Soy based paint remover, 100% biodegradable
  • Chemical free, environmentally friendly, and safe for use in-water
  • Non flammable, non toxic and hazard free
  • Non-caustic (does not irritate skin), and low to no odour
  • Low evaporation rate; product stays wet for longer
  • Eliminates need for sanding or peeling
  • Allows for easy coverage of large surfaces
  • Easy application and clean-up makes for an efficient process
  • Removes multiple layers with one application
  • Does not harm gelcoat

Additional Notes

670AF was awarded best product choice by Practical Sailor Magazine in 2006 and continues to be consumer favorite (previously branded as “Soy Strip”).

When used properly, 670AF will remove multiple layers of anti-fouling paint, and barrier coatings if required. Anti-fouling paint is a simple single component coating, the barrier coat is a semi-tough two part epoxy, and the gelcoat is an incredibly tough poly resin. As 670AF begins to take effect, it removes the anti-fouling layers within 4-10 hours. If it is not rinsed off, it will then begin to work on the barrier coat. Never leave 670AF on for long periods unchecked, as it can begin to affect the gelcoat within 18 hours.

While 670AF is soy based and will not irritate skin, we recommend standard protective clothing for optimal safety.

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Anti-Fouling Paint Remover, suitable for marine paint removal.
Organic, low odor and non-toxic.


Apply as a standard paint remover. Can optionally be sprayed with an airless spray gun.

We recommend preparing the surface with a light acid wash to remove marine particle, and lay a tarp or light poly under raised boat to collect any drippings.

Once the surface is dry after washing, start applying 670AF with a commercial air or airless sprayer or brush working from the lowest point such as the keel upwards. Apply as thickly as possible, approximately 1-2mm.

Depending on the number of layers to be removed, 670AF should be rinsed off within 4-10 hours, and never left on longer than 18 hours. Use a scraping tool or power washer to remove coatings once they are softened enough, starting at the keel and working outward. We recommend patch-testing before use.