600GL Paint Stripper

600GL is an organic, high-impact soy based general application paint stripper that effectively removes multiple layers of acrylics, enamels, urethanes, latex and some epoxies. 600GL provides up to three times the coverage rate of petroleum strippers.

Primary Uses

  • General paint stripper
  • Removes acrylics, enamels, urethanes, latex and some epoxies


  • Soy based paint remover, 100% biodegradable
  • Chemical free, and environmentally friendly
  • Non flammable, non toxic and hazard free
  • Non-caustic (does not irritate skin), and low to no odour
  • Up to three times coverage rate of traditional petroleum removers
  • Removes multiple layers with one application

Additional Notes

While 600GL is soy based and will not irritate skin, we recommend standard protective clothing for optimal safety.

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Soy-Gel paint stripper, general paint stripper and urethane remover.
100% biodegradable, with up to 3x the coverage rates of petroleum removers.


Apply a thick layer of 600GL by pouring, brushing, using a squeegee or commercial airless sprayer (applying too thin will cause 600GL to dry out before removal is complete). Use a scraper to check if the coating is softened down to the surface, and when the coating is completely softened remove with the scraper.

Use degreaser or water and a scrub brush, mop, or power washer to clean remaining residue as needed.