500MR Bean e doo

500MR is an organic, high-impact soy based mastic (glue) dissolver. 500MR works best on glue and mastic adhesive used for floor tiles, carpet or vinyl flooring, though has a wide arrange of applications.

Primary Uses

  • Removal of black mastic (concrete, vinyl carpets, ceramic tiles)


  • Chemical free, and environmentally friendly
  • Eliminates the need for grinding, saving time and cost
  • Non flammable, non toxic and hazard free
  • Non-caustic (does not irritate skin), and low to no odour
  • High potency and cost effective, due to low evaporation rate
  • Economical, with higher coverage rates than chemical products
  • Completely biodegradable and safe for landfill disposal

Additional Notes

The product will not etch concrete, but it can darken it slightly, especially if the concrete is very porous or the product has been left on for too long. However, when used on impermeable concrete the surface should not darken at all.

While 500MR is soy based and will not irritate skin, we recommend standard protective clothing for optimal safety.

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Mastic remover suited for concrete floors (carpet or tile glue remover).
Hazard free and non-flammable, low evaporation rate which requires less applications.


500MR is easily applied by pouring it, undiluted, directly onto the floor, ensuring that all all trowel ridges are completely covered. After mastic has softened, remove with a long handled scraper or squeegee.

In most cases the cleaner takes one to eight hours to work, depending on conditions. Any residue can be soaked up with a commercial absorbent. In all cases, care should be taken not to oversaturate the floor by using too much water. We recommend patch-testing before use.